STD Code 04634

Browse the telephone dialing code (std code 04634) of various cities in Tamil Nadu.

04634 - STD Code in Tamil Nadu

#AreaDialing CodeState
104634Tamil Nadu
204634Tamil Nadu
304634Tamil Nadu
404634Tamil Nadu
504634Tamil Nadu
604634Tamil Nadu

The STD is a telephone numbering system that permits subscribers to dial trunk calls without operator's help. The term STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialling) was introduced when it first became possible for making domestic long distance calls.

Area codes are used to identify the location of the subscriber telephone connection. Area codes are preceded by a '0'. The '0' is an India's NDD (national direct dialing) code used for making statewide domestic calls. If you are dialing an inbound international call and phone number starts with '0', then you will need to remove that '0 '.