The Tamil Nadu government assigned TN-63Z RTO (Regional Transport Office) code to the Karaikudi office. The following table clearly shows the address location of RTO code TN-63Z in tamil nadu. The vehicle numbers starts with TN-63Z are register from this karaikudi office only. Using this, you can easily identify or trace the vehicle's location of the registration.

TN-63Z RTO Information

RTO CodeTN-63Z
Office locationKaraikudi
Jurisdiction area
StateTamil Nadu

RTO Code

The Regional Transport Office, mostly known as RTO is the licensing, registration and taxation authority of the Indian government. The RTO issues Registration Certificate (RC) & Driving License (DL) and maintaining a database of drivers license that are valid across the country. In India, each states's transport office is controlled by Government of India for proper functioning of registration process with unique identity of particular series numbers. The first two alphabets indicates the state of registration and next 2 number digits are specifies the districts of the state. The last 4 numbers are prefixed with two letters specifies the owner of the vehicle.