In West bengal there are total of 97 RTO (Regional Transport Office) locations available for maintain proper functioning of vehicle registration process, issues registration certificate (RC) & driving license (DL) to the people. These RTO offices controlled and maintain by the West bengal government. The below table lists the district wise RTO locations in West bengal.

List of RTO Locations in West Bengal
S.noRTO CodeOffice Location
1WB-01Kolkata (Two Wheelers)
2WB-02Kolkata (Four Wheeler passenger vehicles)
3WB-03Kolkata Beltala (commercial goods carriages)
4WB-04Kolkata Beltala (commercial passenger vehicles)
5WB-05Kolkata Kasba (commercial vehicles)
6WB-06Kolkata Kasba (private vehicles (from WB-06K); however, from WB-06 till WB-06J registered in Beltala RTO as private four-wheelers)
7WB-07Kolkata Salt Lake (commercial vehicles (from WB-07J); however, from WB-07 till WB-07H registered in Beltala RTO as two-wheelers)
8WB-08Kolkata Salt Lake (private vehicles)
9WB-09Kolkata New Town (commercial vehicles)
10WB-10Kolkata New Town (private vehicles)
13WB-13Uluberia (transport vehicles)
14WB-14Uluberia (private vehicles) Two-wheelers registered under Howrah RTO from WB-14E till WB-14L.
17WB-17Hooghly Srirampur
18WB-18Hooghly Srirampur (private vehicles from 18 K onwards; however from WB-18 till WB-18G registered in Hugli-Chuchura RTO as private vehicles)
20WB-20Alipore (private vehicles)
21WB-21(* yet to be allotted *)
22WB-22(* yet to be allotted *) (however WB-22, WB-22U registered in Alipore RTO as private vehicles)
23WB-23Barrackpore (transport vehicles)
24WB-24Barrackpore (private vehicles)
25WB-25Barasat (transport vehicles)
26WB-26Barasat (private vehicles)
27WB-27Bangaon (transport vehicles)
28WB-28Bangaon (private vehicles)
29WB-29Tamluk (transport vehicles)
30WB-30Tamluk (private vehicles)
31WB-31Contai (transport vehicles)
32WB-32Contai (private vehicles)
33WB-33Midnapur (transport vehicles)
34WB-34Midnapur (private vehicles)
35WB-35(* yet to be allotted *)
36WB-36Midnapur (private vehicles)
37WB-37Asansol (transport vehicles)
38WB-38Asansol (private vehicles) The series of WB-38 A #### to WB-38 Z #### has finished. Thereafter WB-44 A #### was started and ran up to WB-44 D ####. Currently WB-38 AA #### has been put to use instead of WB-44.
39WB-39Durgapur (transport vehicles; also all SBSTC buses are registered in this RTO)
40WB-40Durgapur (private vehicles)
41WB-41Burdwan (transport vehicles)
42WB-42Burdwan (private vehicles)
43WB-43Kalna (transport vehicles)
44WB-44WB-44 ? WB-44D : Asansol (private vehicles), thereafter WB-38AA has started WB-44E ? ? : Kalna (private vehicles)
45WB-45(* yet to be allotted *)
46WB-46(* yet to be allotted *)
47WB-47Bolpur (transport vehicles)
48WB-48Bolpur (private vehicles)
49WB-49Jhargram (transport vehicles)
50WB-50Jhargram (private vehicles)
51WB-51krishnanagar (transport vehicles)
52WB-52krishnanagar (other than transport vehicles)
53WB-53Birbhum (transport vehicles)
54WB-54Birbhum (other than transport vehicles)
55WB-55Purulia (transport vehicles)
56WB-56Purulia (other than transport vehicles)
57WB-57Murshidabad (transport vehicles)
58WB-58Murshidabad (other than transport vehicles)
59WB-59Raiganj (transport vehicles)
60WB-60Raiganj (other than transport vehicles)
61WB-61Balurghat (transport vehicles)
62WB-62Balurghat (other than transport vehicles)
63WB-63Cooch Behar (transport vehicles; all NBSTC buses are also registered from this RTO)
64WB-64Cooch Behar (other than transport vehicles)
65WB-65Malda (transport vehicles)
66WB-66Malda (other than transport vehicles)
67WB-67Bankura (transport vehicles)
68WB-68Bankura (other than transport vehicles)
69WB-69Alipurduar (transport vehicles)
70WB-70Alipurduar (other than transport vehicles)
71WB-71Jalpaiguri (transport vehicles)
72WB-72Jalpaiguri (other than transport vehicles)
73WB-73Siliguri (transport vehicles)
74WB-74Siliguri (other than transport vehicles)
75WB-75(* yet to be allotted *)
76WB-76Darjeeling (transport vehicles)
77WB-77Darjeeling (other than transport vehicles)
78WB-78Kalimpong (transport vehicles)
79WB-79Kalimpong (other than transport vehicles)
80WB-80(* yet to be allotted *)
81WB-81(* yet to be allotted *)
82WB-82Raghunathpur (transport vehicles)
83WB-83(* yet to be allotted *)
84WB-84(* yet to be allotted *)
85WB-85Mathabhanga RTO (all commercial vehicle)
86WB-86Mathabhanga RTO (other than transport, both two and four wheeler)
87WB-87(* yet to be allotted *)
88WB-88(* yet to be allotted *)
89WB-89Kalyani (transport vehicles)
90WB-90Kalyani (private vehicles)
91WB-91Islampur (commercial vehicles)
92WB-92Islampur (private vehicles)
93WB-93Jangipur, West Bengal)(Murshidabad District) (Commercial Vehicle)
94WB-94Jangipur, West Bengal] (Murshidabad) (transport vehicles)(Private Vehicle)
95WB-95(* yet to be allotted *)
96WB-96Baruipur (private vehicles)

RTO Code

The Regional Transport Office, mostly known as RTO is the licensing, registration and taxation authority of the Indian government. The RTO issues Registration Certificate (RC) & Driving License (DL) and maintaining a database of drivers license that are valid across the country. In India, each states's transport office is controlled by Government of India for proper functioning of registration process with unique identity of particular series numbers. The first two alphabets indicates the state of registration and next 2 number digits are specifies the districts of the state. The last 4 numbers are prefixed with two letters specifies the owner of the vehicle.